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Elizabeth Housworth
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Undergraduate Program

Mathematics Tutors

This list is provided for the convenience of those seeking tutors. All of the tutors listed on this site are currently full-time math graduate students, or, in exceptional cases, full-time graduate students in related areas who have taught for the mathematics department and have excellent teaching records.

DISCLAIMER: The tutors have selected the courses marked. The Department of Mathematics does not certify that any particular tutor is qualified for any particular course. The department is in no way involved in the financial and scheduling arrangements, which must be made directly with the tutors.

RESTRICTIONS: For reasons of conflict of interest, AIs are not allowed to tutor in courses they are currently teaching or for which they are currently grading or assisting. In accordance with Math. Dept. policy, AIs may not be employed simultaneously by an outside business or department, without consent of the Director of Graduate Studies. Failure to conform to these requirements will be grounds for removal from the private tutor list and possibly the AI position.

Below is a list of tutors maintained by the mathematics department, along with the courses they are willing to tutor. If a name appears as a link, you may click it for more information on that tutor. You may also click on a course heading to view a list of only tutors who tutor that course.

If you are a tutor and would like to add your name to this list, or you are on the list and would like to modify your information, please use the tutor application form.

M014 M018 M025 M026 M027 M118 D116 D117 M119 M120 M211 M212 T101 T103 K300 300 level or higher
Samantha Allen
Math AI

Neal Coleman
Math AI
Josh Edge
Math AI

Nick Genta

Changdong Jia
Math AI

Tim Lai
Math AI

Ash Lightfoot
Math AI

Zachery Lindsey
Math AI

Zhipeng Lu

Tural Sadigov
Math AI

Tristan Tager
Math AI

Andrew Tapay
Math AI